The brand new Sad Wives from Philip II off France

Brand new Chronique rimee regarding Philippe Mouskes demonstrated their unique once the “King Isabelle, she regarding noble mode and you will charming sight

Philip II Augustus had acceded for the throne out-of France within the 1180, during the tender age fifteen. The guy e 12 months; she was only ten-years-dated. Isabella is new daughter regarding Baldwin V, number from Hainault, and you can Margaret We, countess regarding Flanders. At only 12 months old she is betrothed so you’re able to Henry, the future matter out of Champagne and nephew regarding Adele, queen away from France. Although not, Isabella’s father afterwards reneged into the their claims, and created Isabella’s matrimony in order to Philip, the latest child and you may heir out of Louis VII. Philip was actually crowned junior queen out-of France from inside the 1179. Isabella and Philip was basically hitched to the 28 April 1180 and you may Isabella is crowned king precisely one month later on, regardless if their own father-in-laws had been king. With Louis VII’s death Philip and Isabella acceded into throne since only queen and you may king inside e year.

Philip is a le in order to his spouses, in reality, the guy made an effort to repudiate Isabella when she was only 14. Isabella’s dad got removed along side it away from their enemies in the combat against Flanders, but he quoted their inability to help make an enthusiastic heir since the his cause for putting their out, despite their nonetheless-sensitive ages. Sadly to possess Philip, Isabella featured through to the council during the Sens, named to support his repudiation off somalian women their own, barefoot and you may penitent. Isabella are a greatest queen and the everyone was therefore removed using this operate regarding humility one to its protests pressed new queen for taking their back.

She gave beginning toward desired young buck and you will heir, the long term Louis VIII, 36 months later on, during the 1187. Although not, on the 14 March 1190 she gave beginning in order to dual boys, Robert and Philip, however, died from issue the next day, aged only nineteen; the newest infants died 3 days immediately after the mommy. ” Philip II left towards Campaign just a few brief weeks after Isabella’s dying; however, with just one to life style son, he had been soon looking around getting another partner.

Ingeborg is actually brand new child out of Valdemar I the nice, king of Denmark, and you can Sofia away from Minsk, and you will are the fresh youngest of its 7 thriving college students. Born to 1176, it was simply half dozen ages later on, when you look at the 1182, one their unique father died. Valdemar are succeeded from the Ingeborg’s elderly brother, Knut (otherwise Canute) VI; and it also fell to help you Knut to set up Ingeborg’s future. I’m able to maybe not find one information on Ingeborg’s youngsters, even when she is probably educated to your important questioned out-of princesses of the time, to help make their particular glamorous on the all over the world regal matrimony business. An excellent princess was expected to have the ability to manage children, in order to stitch, gamble songs, play, moving and.

Ingeborg stored of many governmental places toward king off France, their particular cousin not only got a claim to the newest English throne, stretching back again to enough time out-of Cnut the nice, who ruled The united kingdomt on the eleventh century, however, he plus had a remarkable navy, the one that Philip like to has that have him, than against your. Such an enthusiastic alliance and helped France and you may Denmark to face up into the expansionism of your own Holy Roman Empire, below Emperor Henry VI.

To your conclusion off deals with Knut’s representatives, Philip delivered a keen embassy so you can Denmark, to escort their bride back again to France

The newest envoys were provided a deluxe reception at the Danish courtroom, where the authoritative plans toward relationships was in fact finalised. Ingeborg try provided with a good dowry of 10,000 marks inside gold and put aside for yet another lifetime inside France, with this new French envoys and some Danish dignitaries, not likely looking to ever come across her homeland once again. A decade over the age of Ingeborg, Philip found their bride for the first time to their marriage big date, iens. Ingeborg are crowned king from France the next day, by the archbishop of Reims; her name made into Isambour, to really make it much more acceptable into the French code, even though just what she notion of so it, we simply cannot state.

By Marija

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