Sisko’s young buck Jake grew up in 2355 to his first spouse Jennifer

Jake [ ]

Sisko recalled taking good care of Jake because the a baby and you can searched right back with the date fondly. ( DS9 : “ This new Given up „) By the point Jake turned into a teenager, Benjamin had already imparted his love of basketball in order to their son. The 2 saw holo-sports of popular game and you can starred the video game on their own. ( DS9 : “ Emissary „, “ If Wishes Was Horses „, “ Starship Off „)

Prior to 2367, the fresh Sisko members of the family made a hiking trip to Itamish III, where Jake discovered waterskiing. While on a camping excursion into a world throughout the Gamma Quadrant when you look at the 2370, Jake appreciated so it travel as happiest big date the guy with his mothers got had to one another. ( DS9 : “ The new Jem’Hadar „)

To your Deep space 9, Jake’s relationship that have Nog bothered Sisko to start with, as Nog seemed to usually score Jake to your difficulties. However, whenever Jake started to show Nog to see, Sisko began to see the relationship was helpful, and you can greet them to continue to be household members. ( DS9 : “ The fresh Nagus „) For the 2370, Jake told their dad that he didn’t wish to go after within his father’s footsteps during the Starfleet; Sisko took the headlines well and you will provided Jake his blessing, provided that Jake pursued his chosen vocation with all their aspiration. ( DS9 : “ Shadowplay „)

Sisko became extremely worried from inside the 2370 whenever Jake’s very first girlfriend turned into out over feel an effective dabo girl titled Mardah. ( DS9 : “ To play God „) Whenever Sisko eventually came across the newest girl, however, their fears had been assuaged, given that Mardah turned out to be very nice and started to inform you sides out-of Jake one to Sisko got never known. ( DS9 : “ The new Quit „)

As Jake began to specialize in his future industry written down, Sisko experienced his child slipping aside. He sporadically pressed Jake to come having your on individuals excursions: on a journey into the Gamma Quadrant, the exam airline out-of Sisko’s Bajoran lightship, in order to comprehend the Bajoran wormhole experience a beneficial subspace inversion. ( DS9 : “ New Jem’Hadar „, “ Explorers „, “ The customer „) However, Sisko in the end must make it his son to be an enthusiastic mature, along with 2373, Jake gone away and you may turned roommates that have Nog, who had at that time become a beneficial Starfleet cadet. ( DS9 : “ New Ascent „)

Inside 2372 from yet another timeline, throughout the an accident towards Defiant, Sisko try trapped when you look at the subspace for more than 30 years. During this time, Jake became obsessed with selecting a way to provide his dad straight back, and finally sacrificed his personal existence to go back Sisko back into as soon as of your own collision. ( DS9 : “ Visitors „) After that year, whenever Jake was more sluggish getting slain by Onaya, Sisko found their unique genuine character, and you may conserved their young buck. ( DS9 : “ Brand new Muse „)

The father-young man matchmaking might have been acknowledged; Sisko have will started rated among the most confident fathers represented on tv

When the Rule temporarily took control over DS9 during the 2374, Jake decided to are nevertheless at the rear of; Sisko is actually reluctant to hop out your behind, however, know one to Jake are a grown man capable of making his very own choices, although not harmful. ( DS9 : “ Label to Arms „) Sisko did, not, need explain leaving Jake at the rear of so you can their extremely angered father. ( DS9 : “ A for you personally to Remain „)

Just after Sisko’s disappearance, Jake believed troubled by the death of their dad. He had been comfortable by Kasidy Yates and you will Colonel Kira Nerys, whom believed asia beauty date mobile that Sisko create go back. ( DS9 : “ Everything Leave behind „)

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