She is their lives, their love, their everything you

Parenting Knowledge 101 from the vjgm Forks Higher was making the jr and you may sr class few up-and feel ‘parents’ or take care out-of a baby toy. All the Cullens can be found in university still and you may bringing the classification. How usually Charlie perform when Bella and you will Edward announce they truly are pregnant

When Bella’s collision to your black ice improperly problems brand new Volvo, what lengths often she check out make certain he will not see away?

The latest Enthralling Escapades regarding Bella Swan from the Whom means coordination anyways Bella wants to make up into forgotten big date in the event that Cullen’s return to Forks. These experiences offer their particular a crash path from inside the coping with their particular favorite imbalanced vampire family unit members. The fresh new frock applications and ‘mattress thus plush you’ll turn-to mush’ are merely benefits in the process

The fresh new Insane and you can Wacky Activities out of Edward for the PE! by the LindaRoo Hilarity develops whenever Edward returns at the bottom of brand new Moonlight and then he and you can Alice score Mrs. Manage to alter the times to get them for the Bella’s gymnasium class. How can they appear person whenever its superhuman athletic aptitudes remain getting in how?

This might be War Mexicansk kvinder, der Гёnsker Г¦gteskab by the edwardNOTjacob An accumulated snow-time within the Forks. To amuse by themselves, the latest Cullens and you will Bella propose to participate in good snowball battle. But exactly how will Bella function whenever Edward says to their own to sit down out to see?

Vampires from inside the Las vegas by vjgm Alice and Rosalie decide to take Bella to Las vegas getting a bachelorette cluster against their have a tendency to. This new boys feeling leftout, prefer to get by themselves to the a tiny difficulties as well.

As to why Me? of the Kaytoko Comedic plays little human Bella’s lifetime within the Cullens. A preliminary facts range. Today emphasizing close comedy also!

The auto from the Elliptic LullabyBella is the one topic Edward holds very dear

Off Werewolves and Gifts of the Uns33n.Unkn0wn -„Charlie, you can find pets out there you wouldn’t believe. That you don’t are now living in the country your envision you lived in.“ Happens during Cracking Beginning, the newest unwritten scene whenever Jacob levels facing Charlie. One-take to.

Realities by BellaCullen1789 It’s been seven ages, and Charlie was interested. Even when he previously told you the guy wanted to know as nothing since possible, the guy failed to let asking for a little more advice.

Post-Modifying Basic White by the blondie AKA robinBella and Edward face exactly what could be their ideal problem: Wedding. One hazard however stands within partners in addition to their story book stop. Bella is the vital thing to help you securing new Cullens; but can she get a hold of adequate handle in time to store them?

Article Breaking Dawn A walk-in the newest Longevity of Angela Weber by the Subtlynice In the event that some one requested me personally, decades later, exactly who my closest friend off senior school try, I would provides responded instantaneously, having natural confidence, one to her identity was Isabella Marie Swan.“ Angela POV. Not everybody on Twilight Saga lived forever…

Still, we know how much cash the guy Likes their Volvo

Most of the Father’s Lose because of the Romanticidal Edwardian Just a lovely, fluffy child-shot. Nessie learns look for-right up outlines, and her along with her mommy use them to your Daddy. EPOV.

Observing the newest Cullen Coven because of the edward-bella-harry-ginny Lay immediately following Cracking Start. What might Charlie do if he was speaking with new Cullen nearest and dearest, and then he had a bit more pointers than the guy bargained for? Edward and you can Bella find out the hard method in which Renesmee does not usually discover „need to know“. And you can sequel Renee’s Dinner party with the Cullen Coven .

Lifestyle Just after Forks of the Amanda Beth The latest Cullens disperse and commence a unique immortal existence. Bella have to manage their lifetime: both dated and you can the. Edward need forget about exactly who she try and you may deal with their particular to own who this woman is. Immediately after which you’ve got the concern: will they be really secure? 3 years immediately following BD & sticks so you can cannon.

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