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Virtual Data Room Review

A virtual data room is an ideal option to any company. It’s an excellent method to ensure that crucial documents and information protected. These rooms are available through a number of different companies such as ShareFile by Citrix, Drooms NXG, and Brainloop.


iDeals Virtual Data Room is an online service that allows users to save, share and work on documents in a secure manner. iDeals is a favorite choice for large corporations and legal organizations, as well as the top banks in the world. Unlike other data rooms, iDeals has a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of features. Additionally, iDeals offers comprehensive support solutions.

iDeals lets users upload files from multiple sources. Uploading files is fast and straightforward. You are able to monitor and track the download of your documents. Data room comes with a real-time watermark and auditing. The data room works on various devices and under different conditions. Both iOS as well as Android can be used with this iDeals platform.

iDeals also has an Q&A option which allows customers to receive the answers they need to answer their concerns. The support team is also always available 24 hours a day in multiple languages.

Alongside the Q&A feature, iDeals provides a „Fence View“ option to shield customers from attacks by external sources. It is worth noting that the iDeals platform comes with the option of two-factor authentication. This security option can be compared to rooms It is a slick feature that protects users from malicious camera-related attacks.

iDeals gives a 30 day free trial. This allows users to test all the functions that the platform offers without risking their data. Customers can reach assistance from the team during the trial period. This is a great feature for newcomers.

iDeals lets users choose from print-friendly report formats. Users can also request two encrypted USB hard drives. Remote shredding can also be arranged through iDeals.

Apart from these capabilities, iDeals also provides data security and watermarks. It’s compatible with iOS and Windows.


Founded in 2000, Brainloop was established in 2000. It is a supplier of software for businesses that lets them safeguard and protect sensitive documents. Brainloop offers a variety of solutions all in one. It has offices in Switzerland and Germany.

Brainloop’s virtual room for collaboration is very secure. This function is extremely helpful for financial transactions with a high degree of complexity. This allows authorized individuals with internet-connected devices to connect to the data room at any time. The system also tracks all actions.

Brainloop has a wide range of functions, including the automatic creation of folders to facilitate meeting boards and easy access to documents that are important from mobile devices. Additionally, it offers encryption for documents prior to uploading and downloading. It offers a free trial it is also available in four different languages.

Brainloop is used by hundreds of companies in all over the world. It helps secure sensitive information during financial and legal transactions as well as research and development, as well as communication with boards. Businesses can also establish their own security policy.

The Brainloop virtual room may also be employed to facilitate M&A transactions. It is able to be integrated into the existing infrastructure, and allows secured remote collaboration. It offers end-to-end encryption and local storage that makes important information safer.

It’s ISO certified, and is scheduled to complete recertification in 2021. There are offices located in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Its management team includes CTO Eike Schmidt and CEO Thomas Deutschmann. They also offer a free trial and technical assistance.

Brainloop provides a range of pricing options based on business size as well as the scope of your project. Pricing is also determined by the amount of users. It is not easy to get pricing information on the internet, but you can contact your provider for estimates.

ShareFile is a product of Citrix

Citrix ShareFile, unlike traditional file sharing sites, is an online space which allows users to upload and share files. The user can modify it according to your requirements. There are more than 25 security functions and is in compliance to industry standards. Advanced analytics offer statistics on the number of views and downloads.

Searches can be conducted using keywords. You can filter the results based on who uploaded the document or full text. Aside from that, they can also submit private questions. This makes it simple to find the information they are looking for without spending too much time going through numerous files.

Citrix provides white-labeling options that allow companies to customize users’ interfaces. The interface also features an audit log and the ability to grant granular access rights. Administrators can see what users are doing and the files they’re using. This helps them prevent copying and unauthorized access to information that is sensitive.

Citrix ShareFile provides two-factor authentication. The files that are uploaded are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. This ensures that all files uploaded to browsers are secure and can only be accessed only by authorized users. The browser also has an antivirus scanner which scans for malware.

Citrix ShareFile offers a virtual room plan. It’s an online platform that permits unlimited users to work on the same files at once. You can also use it to simplify workflows as well as secure your information.

In addition, Citrix ShareFile offers a 7-day trial trial that is free for new users. You can also ask for assistance by contacting the knowledge base on the internet or chat. Video tutorials on onboarding are also available.

Drooms NXG

Selecting the most suitable Virtual Data Room (VDR) could have a major influence on the company’s process of managing documents. There are many options out on the market, which is why it’s vital to select the option that is most suitable for your needs.

The Drooms NXG Virtual Data Room is a simple software that helps automate due diligence processes. It offers a broad array of features, including activity reporting and Q&A management. It was also designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It features a user-friendly design and flat learning curve. It also features an innovative Finding Manager, which is useful for searching documents.

The servers of the company are in Germany and data transmission can be guaranteed secure. SSL connections are secure. SSL connection uses AES encryption as well as key strength of 256 bits. Also, it is compliant with GDPR.

Drooms NXG implements IP filtering. This ensures data privacy. In addition, the company’s Finding Manager uses artificial intelligence for enhancing the functionality of search that uses content. The system also features an interactive preview of pages and live document browsing.

VDRs can be found in various forms, and it is essential to conduct an investigation to determine the right one for your specific needs. Be aware of pricing as well as features. Contact customer support. There are some VDR suppliers only permit you to use the software for a limited time, and others offer 24/7 assistance.

Drooms provides a trial for free , which will provide you with an idea of the features and benefits offered by its online data space. You can also download the mobile application to your iPhone as well as iPad. It also has a proprietary browser, which allows you to easily set an data room.

There is also the option of getting an optional course or support round the clock from the company. They also offer three models, allowing you to pick the one that is best for your needs.


CapLinked is a workplace on the web which allows for secure sharing of documents was established in the year 2010. It has a range of tools that allow teams to work together in projects and complete deals quicker. Support for customers is offered all hours of the day. It was founded by a group of people in United States, CapLinked has offices in South Africa, India, as well as the UAE. It is endorsed by several prominent media organizations.

CapLinked offers the ability to control documents and versions with capabilities that let users keep track of changes to files. CapLinked can also be integrated into Microsoft OneDrive and Box. Its integrated instant messaging feature lets users communicate with colleagues right from the application.

CapLinked provides a dashboard that lets you monitor the activity in the platform. The dashboard serves as a central hub that tracks the entire actions. It lets you view the feed of activity along with notifications and other details. It also allows you to handle messages and contacts and other important data.

Users can also create workspaces through the dashboard. They are safe spaces for the sharing of confidential documents. These workspaces can be accessed via desktops or mobile devices. They are ideal for capital raising as well as M&A transactions. They can also offer fast speed for uploading files.

CapLinked also offers a document management solution which integrates to Microsoft Office. Users can view files in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. Editing the document is possible using a browser on the internet. The interface for users is simple to navigate, and it works on all different devices.

CapLinked provides secure cloud-based workspaces. Its dashboard lets users organize workspaces swiftly and effortlessly. It can be used to share files with brokers and conduct due diligence.

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