The first stage of creating your AWS solutions architect resume is drafting a master AWS resume which will work as a dumping ground for all your important professional information. An AWS professional manages the AWS cloud database for running virtual applications. They are also responsible for maintaining the entire infrastructure, including production, testing & development environments. If so, you’ll still need an introduction, but instead of a summary, write a resume objective. They’re not all that different, but in order to write an entry-level resume objective, focus on your transferable skills. Your resume will likely be processed by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

aws cloud engineer resume

In the sample, you see verbs like “automated”, “managed”, and “implemented”. For an AWS DevOps resume, include action verbs like these when explaining your experience. The responsibility of this role is to ensure proper management, automation, maintenance, performance, and scalability of AWS cloud-based production systems.

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For example, some cloud engineers work on the architectural side of the development process. This means they will assess their stakeholders’ needs and design the best infrastructure for them. Other clients might ask you to help them migrate from an on-site server to a cloud, or you may also focus on monitoring data management to ensure cloud security. Depending on your clients’ demands, you can also do a little bit of everything. A GCP Cloud Engineer is a technical expert who deploys applications, monitors operations, and manages enterprise solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

aws cloud engineer resume

Some platforms are similar, so getting familiar with them shouldn’t be too challenging once you have some basic cloud computing skills. Generally, an AWS cloud practitioner doesn’t have too much professional experience with the platform. However, you can also demonstrate your expertise by showcasing your independent projects. Your professional experience section is vital in your AWS resume as this is where you get to display all your work experience to recruiters and establish your potential as a strong candidate. Add keywords that are related to your AWS developer career to your resume.

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When you add them, make sure to mention the issuing body and the completion of each certification with a specific date. The idea of using bullet points rather than paragraphs is to make your AWS developer resume stand out to potential recruiters. If you want this section to be tighter, highlight and categorize your content to improve the positive impact of your overall AWS resume. Highlighting involves directing the attention of a potential recruiter to your performance figures, while categorizing/grouping revolves around adding subheadings. As an AWS data engineer, you will handle the engineering, transfer, and storage of data using AWS cloud services. Or a related field and will expect you to be an expert in relevant AWS software.

Additionally, you must ensure that applications are secure and accessible before the product release. Companies that don’t work with cloud infrastructure aws cloud engineer rely on on-site servers and need to perform constant backup protocols. With AWS everything is taken care of by the AWS team, and the downtime is reduced.

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